personal record

personal record
name Günter Grau
address In der Miere 22
46282 Dorsten
Tel.: 02362/25189
date of birth 16.4.1971
birthplace 46244 Bottrop - Kirchhellen, Germany
parents Günter Grau and Brigitte, maiden name Drath
marital status single
denomination none
Language German, Englisch
school 1977 - 1981 Johannesschule Dorsten - Gemeinschaftsgrundschule
1981 - 1991 St. Ursula Gymnasium Dorsten
13.6.1991 Examination (Abitur)
military-/alternate service rejected
praktikal training
  • Hüls AG Marl
  • Ruhrglas GmbH Essen
  • Fraunhofer institute for microelectronic circuits and systems (IMS) in Duisburg
  • since WS 1991/92 study of electrical engeneering at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • SS 1993 graduate
  • since SS 1994 scholarship from the "Prof. Dr. Koepchen-Studienstiftung der RWE-Energie-Aktiengesellschaft"
  • WS 1995/96 seminar, chair of data processing: ISO 9000
  • WS 1995/96 Studienarbeit, chair of data processing: modification of a CCD-camera for the purpose of X-ray-imaging
  • SS 1996 dissertation, chair of integrated circuits: design of monolithic-integrated downward- and upward-mixers for mobile-communication-transceivers
  • 20.11.1996 diploma
  • 23.1.2002 PhD about Monolitically-Integrated Circuits for Wireless Local Area Networks at 5.8 GHz (HIPERLAN/2). Original title: Monolithisch-integrierte Schaltungen für lokale Funknetzwerke bei 5,8 GHz (HIPERLAN/2) (PDF, 9.1MB, german only)
  • 28.6.2002 Gebrüder Eickhoff-award for outstanding scientific work in the doctorate
  • 1996-2001 scientific employee (doctorand) at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, chair for electron devices
    field of activity: design of fast integrated circuits (e.g. 40Gbit/s-systems, 5.8GHz-WLAN)
  • foundation of advICo microelectronics GmbH
    in August 2000 together with Dr. Christoph Scheytt. Acting partner
hobbies electronics (circuit-design, measurement techniques, solar technique, ...)
informatics (programming in pascal/assembler under DOS and OS/2)
Elektronik- und Hochspannungsmuseum Dorsten
cycle racing (not associated)