Some works which I accompanied

diploma thesis
Tobias Ellermeyer Design of monolithic integrated oscillators and mixers for mobile communication at 5.8 GHz SAD 190, 1997
Abdelghani El-Kacimi Analysis of linear amplifiers for mobile communication transceivers at 5.8 GHz SAD 203, 1998
Martin Kosakowski Design of circuits in a SiGe-HBT-technology for the generation of amplitude- and phase-stable quadrature signals for 5.8 GHz-WLAN transceivers. SAD 211, 1999
Özgür Sevdiren Investigation of mixer concepts in SiGe-BiCMOS-technology for a wireless network at 5,8 GHz SAD 221, 2001
Paola Andrea Enriquez Ojeda Controlador microprocesado para manipulador robotico articulado de hasta seis grados de libertad Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali, Colombia - Robotics and Automation Group, 2003

Student works
Ahmed Quarbi Analysis of low-noise amplifiers for 5.8 GHz WLAN-systems in SiGe-HBT-technology SAS 174, 2000
Özgür Sevdiren Design of a fast integrated clock distribution circuit in SiGe-bipolar technology SAS ?
Murat Vural Optimized redesign of a single-sideband upconversion mixer in Si/SiGe-HBT-technology for a 5,8 GHz wireless LAN SAS 181, 2001