I was employed at the chair of electronic components and integrated circuits of the Ruhr-University-Bochum from December 1996 to June 2001.
My field of research was the development of fast integrated circuits. This includes circuits for 5.8GHz WLAN (wireless local area network) as well as circuits for 40Gbit/s fiber-communication. The circuits have been fabricated with various SiGe-technologies (silicon-germanium-transistors, mainly HBTs (heterojunction bipolar transistors, but drifttransistors, too). Simulations have been done on workstations from SUN (UltraSPARC) under the UNIX-derivative Solaris. The usual development tools are HSPICE and Cadence. The microwave testsubstrates for our circuits are developed and fabricated at the chair, too. For measurement purposes the chair has modern sampling scopes, signal generators and spectral analyzers for the high GHz-region. Beside this there have been some teaching activities, e.g. study- and diploma-thesis, practical trainings, seminars, tests.

I founded a company with my colleage Christoph Scheytt out of the university. Since August 2000 I'm acting partner of advICo microelectronics GmbH. advICo is a design house and IP-provider for advanced integrated circuits with emphasis on fiber communication and wireless. Moreover, advICo develops and maintains software design kits (e.g. for Cadence). advICo offers e.g. a 40 Gb/s Eye Diagram Monitor (EDM) which gives similar results as a sampling scope, such as a complete 2D-histogram of a data signal. This is required for dispersion compensation in fast optical networks. In addition, advICo offers the wirlds first 10.7 Gb/s laser driver for laser diodes in n-side-down configuration. You can find more details about that on the companies web site.

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