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March 1998

Günter Grau

version 0.72f

last modified on 7.10.05

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7.10.05 0.72f The Old Streets of Dorsten - added missing pictures
16.9.05 0.72e Patents and some comments added, updates
16.9.03 0.72d Paolas World added
27.8.03 0.72d replaced counter
4.3.03 0.71d Updates to contacts/personal record/museums project/advICo
18.8.01 0.70d new links, new projects, some urgent updates
12.12.99 0.68d new page with diploma thesis and practical trainings
14.10.99 0.67d new uni-phone-nr., updated counter
9.2.99 0.67e Bills corner new; Webring inserted (s. links)
17.1.99 0.66e JavaScript code works with NS rel. 2 and 3 again
21.12.98 0.65e some new JavaScript code
12.12.98 0.62e URL-Minder entry corrected :-), links updated, small bug fixed, english glossary started
10.8.98 0.57e URL-Minder, ChangeLog added, update of "the old streets of Dorsten"
24.6.98 0.57e (glossar has to be written)
(note: the german version might be slightly more up-to-date)
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