short presentation of some programs:

Some downloadable programs are run-time-limited. For an unlimited version or in the case of suggestions/ questions send me an email .

Listing version 1.97 from 2.1.96 for DOS and OS/2

Originally I wrote this program to reduce the amount of paper needed to print out my own source code. The first version could only operate with the HP-Deskjet-family and had only a few command-line parameters. Because the program found friends, I developed it further on. The actual version allows the implementation of unknown printers by the user. It can be run from the command line or via SAA-surface (DOS or OS/2). For me this is a "must-have".

some features:

The version number is stable for some time because I don't know outstanding bugs. I'm planning a native OS/2-version, which will probably not run under DOS - unless the Virtual-Pascal team releases the cross-platform-version of their genious compiler.

A fully functional demo version (runs for 200 times until 1.1.1999) can be downloaded (ARJ-archive, ListD98.ARJ , 152710 byte). Beside HP Deskjet and Laserjet the NEC P20 some Epson-needle-printers are configured. If your printer is not on the list, you should be able to configure it with knowledge of some of its escape-codes.

Terminator version 0.70 from 14.12.94 for DOS and OS/2

This tailor-made appointment-manager was written for customer-care. It distinguishes between appointments and reminiscences (customers running out of your mind). Written in shortest time - I even had no time to write a 1.0 in the version field :). SAA-surface.
For sure there are things which could be better - if somebody tells me what :-)

A fully functional demo version (runs for 200 times until 1.1.1999) can be downloaded (ARJ-archive, TermD98.ARJ , 116163 byte).

LW-Stat version 1.25 from 1996 for DOS and OS/2

LW-Stat shows you the available/free/wasted memory of all drives in a table. It can give you informations about serial numbers of the media and the organisation of your FAT-partitions. It calculates the wasted memory as the result of clusters and can recalculate this value for a fictious cluster size (e.g. if you wish to reformat your drive).

The fully functional version can be downloaded (ARJ-archive, LWS125.ARJ , 26453 byte).
Sourcecode on request.

PM-Apfel version 0.30 from 1997 for OS/2

Somehow only a test-vehicle for my framegrabber-software this program is a nice tool for fractal-fans. Move around with the cursor-keys or the mouse. Get the settings of the most interesting details. Needs OS/2 version 2.1 with additional DIVE-support or OS/2 Warp version 3 or 4.

The fully functional version can be downloaded (ARJ-archive, PMA030.ARJ , 24660 byte).
Sourcecode on request.

"The old streets of Dorsten" - platform-independent preversion 1997/98

At the moment the CD collects about 600 pictures, sketches and photos with accompanying text of the historical centre of Dorsten, compiled by Dr. Hartmut Butzert. The documents are automatically generated HTML-files. A small fraction (the Wiesenstraße) can be viewed online, if you follow the link to the old streets of Dorsten . If you are interested, please send me an email .

Tesla Version 0.87, April 2001, for OS/2

Tesla is a model generator for PSPICE (optional HSPICE and Spectre) for calculation of coupled air transformers (inductance, coupling factor, quality factor etc.). In addition, it generates models for the other components of a so called Tesla-transformer such as primary and secondary capacitor. Special feature of Tesla is the calculation of skineffekt and support of distributed elements, e.g. traveling waves along the coil. It's possible to generate a Win32 version of the program, if necessary. Tesla was built because there were no useful or payable tools for the modeling and simulation of coupled coils, and that most tools cannot generate useful SPICE models. Tesla is not freeware. If you are interested, please email me.